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Royal Electric and Design Inc, is a project development and construction group, that specializes in the Electrical Construction, HVAC and maintenance of structures and facilities scattered all over the great state of Kentucky.


We like to use the term, Technology Integrator, bringing alternative power resources and automation and Controls together, moving into this new rapidly changing Era, we have solutions for every structure and Client. Lighting, Door locks, Security systems, Networking, High Voltage and Inspection Reports using our state of the art equipment, lets just say we are your one call when you think of Electricity !




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  • UPDATED 6/5/2022

  • * Residential estimates are on hold until further notice. 

  • * New Structures requesting New electrical installation estimates are delayed until further notice. 

  • * Our new HVAC department will start scheduling     5/19/22 

  • *  New policy and procedure for request. All work requests should be requested online by filling out the form. ALL clients, new and existing.  

  • * Residential & Commercial Generac "Installations" are still delayed because of the impact of COVID19. 

  • Generac is continuously delivering units and our stock units are sold out. Delivery speed on daily orders is picking up.

  • * Generac is still providing a 7-year free, FULL warranty for every unit installed by Royal Electric, along with other perks.

  • Over stock material sale will be scheduled within the next few weeks. 

  • Royal Branded LED Lighting lines are soon to be listed with buy now options, and a market leading 5 year warranty on our products.  

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May 18 | 11:46 PM

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Request a full Facility Electrical Inspection Report. Every Report is Tailored by request only by our KY Licensed master electricians, with fine details. Top of the line testing Equipment
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Residential, Commercial, Light and Heavy Industrial

Generac Generators, Servicing, New Installations, Electrical Design, Automation Controls and More


Infrared thermography is a powerful maintenance tool that can identify areas that are abnormally hot or cool. There are many benefits of using this technology to inspect electrical equipment. While our Electricians have the best Infrared thermography and software on the market, inspections can detect several conditions that may undermine the operational efficiency of the Electrical systems before the equipment burns or throws the overloads. That is what we are here for! Life Safety is what being an electrician is about, and quality installations that last a lifetime!

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